We hand build one camper van per year – each van being built to the exact specification of the buyer. We keep you up to date with the build with weekly progress reports. A typical build takes around two months.

Embarking on the build of your own van is often the culmination of many years of dreaming. These pages are designed to help you navigate the process from choosing the right base vehicle, getting a roof that you are happy with right through to finishing it off in the way that you want and at a price that suits.

We combine the very best of components with handmade furniture using a combination of locally sourced Scottish elm and birch ply.

For full conversions we’ll collect your van and deliver it back to you fully converted free of charge from anywhere within Scotland. For the rest of the UK we offer the same service but at a negotiated rate. (Free pick up / drop off applies only to full conversions.)

Neil converted our VW Shuttle on time, on budget and to a very high standard. While he was converting the van, Neil kept in regular contact and sent lots of photos. He listened to my ideas and requirements, and was able to get the essence of what we wanted, build on my good ideas and tactfully divert me from some of my crazier ones. We have ended up with a beautiful, characterful van that is very high-spec. Best of all, Neil is honest and straight talking. A great guy to deal with.

Les – January 2019

The table below will give you an idea of prices. They are listed as ‘from’ prices – there are variations such as choices of fabric etc. which may add to the final price. Our approach is to list the component prices and let you build the van you want. (You can copy and paste the entire table into excel.)

Conversion jobPrice from
Insulation, Carpet Lining, Sound Deadening & Floors
Insulate rear of SWB - 7mm thermo acoustic closed cell foam£250
Insulate rear of LWB - 7mm thermo acoustic closed cell foam£300
Add 100mm of recycled plastic bottle insulation - SWB£50
Add 100mm of recycled plastic bottle insulation - LWB£70
Add "Silent Coat" sound deadening rear of SWB£250
Add "Silent Coat" sound deadening rear of LWB £300
Carpet line rear of SWB £595
Carpet line rear of LWB£695
Fitted floor - SWB - 7mm thermo acoustic lining, 12mm ply, Altro Walkway floor£400
Fitted floor - LWB - 7mm thermo acoustic lining, 12mm ply, Altro Walkway floor£450
Fitted floor for Reimo Variotech seat system - SWB£600
Fitted floor for Reimo Variotech seat system - LWB£650
Add raised side step for floor - needed for conversion of panel vans£105
Add full length rear door threshold. £60
Roofs Choosing a Roof
Reimo Superflat roof (SWB)£5200
Reimo Superflat roof (LWB)£5200
Reimo Superflat roof - rear lift (SWB)£5400
Reimo roof bed £750
Reimo V Tech roof (SWB)£5800
Add 'Open Sky' panoramic roof canvas for V Tech roof£250
SCA 196 Start roof with bed (SWB)£5500
SCA 190 Comfort roof with bed (SWB)£5500
SCA 194 High roof with slatted bed (SWB)£5750
SCA 192 Comfort roof with bed (LWB)£5750
Add scenic option for SCA roof£250
Colour coding for SCA or Reimo roofs£600
Side window - opening£300
Side window - fixed£220
Tailgate window£280
Barn door windows£350
Curtains per window£55
Black out curtains per window£75
Cab curtain£70
RIB 112cm crash tested rock n roll seat£2400
RIB 120cm crash tested rock n roll seat£2600
Reimo Variotech 3000 sliding seat£4700
Driver front seat swivel including handbrake lowering£240
Passenger front seat swivel£200
Passenger swivel with integrated safe£250
Double front seat swivel£380
Fully fitted side furniture kits £1800
RIB under seat drawer set£350
Kitchen shelf w integrated LED light£195
Hand Made Scottish Hardwood Side Furniture£2500
Smev 9222 cooker and sink including full gas bottle, locker, gas certification, tap, all plumbing and water bottle£750
Smev 8005 sink including 20 litre water bottle, tap, pump and external outlet£295
Waeco CRX50 fridge - removable freezer compartment and 25% less energy consumption£625
Webastco Cruise 49 litre fridge £575
Kiravans door store £155
Kiravans door store including carpet lining to match van£200
Cargo net storage £20
Fire Extinguisher - 600g dry powder£25
MV Airo 2KW diesel heater £1050
External mounting for MV Airo£50
Short range remote for MV Airo£150
SIM card remote for MV Airo£250
12 Volt Electrics
12 volt Varta deep cycle leisure battery system with voltage sensitive relay (T4 or T5)£495
12 volt Varta deep cycle leisure battery system inc. CTEK D250SA (T6)£745
240 hook up including hook up cable & one socket£250
Add smart charge to 240 hook up - charges 12 volt system when hooked up£125
Solar charging system - 100 watt ultra-slim panel, 10 amp MPPT controller and remote meter. £625
LED light with independent switch£35
Kurs adjustable light £50
50 cm Aluminium profile LED diffused light with independent switch£75
Elm housing for 50cm Aluminium profile light£40
Votronic LCD voltmeter£70
CBE USB charger socket£50
CBE 12 V cigar lighter socket£35
CBE 240 V socket£35
CBE Carbon Monoxide detector£100
Exterior & Bodywork
Rear parking sensors£175
Fiamma F45s awning - SWB - titanium£725
Fiamma F45s awning - SWB - black£750
Fiamma F45s awning - LWB - titanium£750
Genuine VW bike rack (Tailgate vans only)£600
Reimo Multi Rail - SWB - required for fitting Fiamma awning with a pop top£260
Reimo Multi Rail - LWB - required for fitting Fiamma awning with a pop top£280
Reimo Active Rails - rails for taking roof bars on a pop top roof. Recommended weight limit is 50KG£230
Kari Tek Roof Bars - for Reimo Active Rails£200
After market chrome or black side bars£250
Genuine VW chrome or black side bars£500
Remove bulkhead£120
Remove fixings for Kombi seats£200

The attention to detail in the camper van is first class. I’d challenge anyone to find anything better!

Charlie – August 2016

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