After ensuring that the van was entirely mechanically up to date I set about getting the body work fixed and making a few subtle exterior changes to enhance the look and feel of the van.

The van went to Scott Robertson Accident Repairs in Oban where it had the following work completed.

  • Nearside rear passenger wheel arch was damaged and rust had set in. This was cut out and a new wheel arch was welded in place.
  • There was some light scratching to the off side rear quarter which was also repaired.
  • The bumpers were colour coded.

The van also had new wheels and tyres fitted at this stage. I knew what I wanted for the wheels but wasn’t sure where to find them. A bit of research led me to Jim at Alzone Custom Fabrication in Scarborough. I bought a new set of Mercedes Sprinter 16″ wheels and sent them to Jim for ‘banding’. This is where the wheels are cut in half and a steel band is welded in place to widen them. Kerry’s Tyres Services in Oban supplied a set of 215 / 65 / 16 tyres.

Last a set of Dubflcta retro wind deflectors and some clear indicators finished things off. (I also replaced the rear light clusters with LED ones.)

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