Our hand made furniture is made from a combination of birch ply and Scottish elm. It adds a quality and homely feel to the finished camper which will make your van pretty much 100% unique. Each furniture set is finished to the exact requirements of the customer.

Some people argue that using birch ply and hardwoods adds unnecessary weight to a camper. This is a valid point but we feel that the difference it makes in terms of the feel of the living space is well worth the compromise.

It was clear that the interior modifications to the van were hand-crafted to a very high standard; much higher than in other vans that I had previously hired.

Paul – April 2015

The price indicated on our conversion rates page includes side furniture, table and custom built cupboard interior to meet your exact requirements. You can also add under seat drawers and a shelf above the sink at extra cost. And you can choose which hardwood you use – elm is a popular choice but we also finish in oak and ash. The price doesn’t include cooker, sink or fridge.

When you consider the overall price of your conversion the extra cost associated with having one off interior furniture is certainly worth considering.

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