This form will help us gather some of the details of your conversion. The form refers to choices of colours for carpet, floors and seats. You can view carpet options here, floor options here and seat options here.

We will need more than is detailed on the form but this will provide a good start.

  • The colour code is usually inside the service book front cover
  • Our usual configuration is two USB sockets. If you'd like an older style cigarette lighter socket let us know.
  • The most common size is 112cm - this allows for the standard side furniture configuration. A 120cm or 129cm width means less side furniture. 150cm means no side furniture. The 112 and the 120 seat two. The 129 seats three small people or two adults. The 150 seats three of any size.
  • If you are having a RIB seat please tell us about your choice of fabric / colour here.
  • The slider allows the seat to move forward by 20cm to allow more space in the back.