Wild Campers is part of Wild Journeys. Wild Journeys specialises in the delivery of walking & sailing holidays and expeditions in Scotland.

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At Wild Journeys we provide a range of ‘wilderness’ based journeys for adults who want to explore change or just want a space to stop and reflect. Our current journeys range from one to 6 days in duration.

We’re not about team building or adrenaline sports. We’re much more about stopping, taking some space and having time to reflect.

All of our journeys involve travelling through some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery.

That always involves walking. We walk in groups of up to 14 and we carry what we need for the day or for the journey. Terrain and duration varies depending on the course you choose but it’s always carefully measured against both the course aims and who is taking part.

As often as possible our journeys also involve sailing. When we sail it’s on the beautiful Birthe Marie. Birthe Marie is captained by Mark Jardine and can take up to 14 people. You don’t need any sailing experience to be able to be part of Birthe Marie’s crew.

The main thing that resonates with me when looking back at my time with Wild Journeys is the strong sense of self that I found during the weekend. I felt like I was listening to my own voice for the first time in a long time…

Lucy – Lost Coastlines – July 2014

Neil copyMost of our courses also involve at least some ‘solo’ time. Solo is where you’re on your own in a wild place. Solo isn’t about survival. It’s about spending time alone and stripping back to the bare bones of what makes us unique. Solo can range from 20 minutes to 3 days depending on the length of course you are on.

Our longer courses take place on and around The Isle of Mull. Shorter courses are located closer to the central belt but we still know how to find wildness.

We believe that being outside in nature, away from the strains of everyday life is not only valuable but vital. And we believe that physical activity and common task can help us come into the space of the present moment. We don’t run boot camps but all of our course involve at least a degree of hard work whether physical or emotional.

So we take beautiful places and we journey through those places and we sometimes just stop and be in those places. On top of that we sprinkle a bit of our own Wild Journeys magic.

For more information on Wild Journeys visit the site here.

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