Scotland has some of the most spectacular scenery and roads in Western Europe. Like the rest of the UK we drive on the left. In the highlands and islands we also have many roads that are single track and have passing places. Here’s a few tips for driving an RV or motorhome on single track roads.

Use them

Exploring the best of Scotland means using single track roads. It takes a bit of getting used to – it’s a new way of driving that involves taking it easy and slowing down.

It’s sociable too – you’ll find that you acknowledge other drivers as you let each other pass.

Allow overtaking

It’s important to give vehicles that are behind you the opportunity to pass. When someone comes up behind you pull over into the next available space on your left to allow them to overtake.

Pull over to your left

It might be stating the obvious, but when pulling over it’s importnat to indicate and to use the space that is on your left. You don’t want to be going for the same space at the last moment!

Take your time

Clearly driving on single track takes longer. Allow extra time for your journey and try not to get in a position where you are rushing for a ferry on a single track road.

Watch out for the natives

You’ll need to keep an eye out for sheep, deer and the occasional otter!

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