Covid 19 – Our approach

What to Expect

Going into the 2021 season we expect things to be closer to normal. But given the uncertain times we strongly recommend that our guests book at least some campsites ahead of time.

Cleaning and Handover

We have put the following measures in place to minimise the risks presented by Covid 19

  • All out vans will come with individual video tutorials. We will send customers a link to the video prior to hire – the video will outline all details of the operation of the vehicle and the camper facilities.
  • Handovers and returns will be conducted with the appropriate level of social distancing in place. We will be led here by the Scottish Government guidelines which currently advise 2 meters.
  • Our vans come with a double duvet and two pillows as standard. Upon return these will be carefully placed in plastic bags and removed from the van. These will then be isolated and ‘rested’ for at least 72 hours between hires.
  • Our vans come with optional bedding in terms of sheets and towels. These will be carefully placed in plastic bags and removed from the van. They will then be washed at the highest appropriate temperature and will also be rested for 72 hours.
  • Appropriate cleaning facilities will be provided on board so that prior to returning the van customers can undertake a thorough clean of the vehicle. Customers will be provided with a cleaning sheet which will detail what is expected. This is in order to protect our own staff who will then undertake an additional full clean of the vehicle.
  • Extra attention will be given to the following areas:
    • Door handles and locks
    • Light switches, other switches
    • Kitchen counters
    • Taps
    • Appliance and equipment handles (e.g. fridge)
    • Cabinet exteriors
    • Steering wheel, gear-stick and seat settings
    • Keys
  • Where possible the van will be left with all windows down and sliding door open between hires.

Deposits and Refunds

Any bookings made in 2021 will be entitled to the following in addition to our normal terms and conditions:
  • Where bookings as cancelled as a direct result of COVID 19 full refund will be issued including deposits paid.
  • Cancellation can occur at any time but in order to obtain a refund proof will be required that the cancellation is a direct result of COVID 19.

Proof for cancellation can be:

  • The citing of published policy from the UK or Scottish government
  • Proof of health issues directly related to COVID 19 from a doctor
  • Reasonable proof that care issues related to COVID 19 have resulted in a cancellation
  • Reasonable proof that bereavement issues have resulted in a cancellation